Countdown To The Nightmare On Wall St.

                                            Alice in Wonderland "Money" Part II

"Why You Should Be Very Concerned!"

The IMF Plan


Death Trap - The plan of the IMF, World Bank, BIS and world Central Banks is to collapse the US$ preventing it from being the world's reserve currency and currency of trade for the oil industry. The plan is to affect and infect ALL global currency. They wish to now do this due to the unfortunate truth that Donald J. Trump was NOT, we repeat WAS NOT their candidate of choice for the White House in the 2016 Presidential elections. How did it happen? Who's to blame? How did they miscalculate? Read on....

Wall St.


They, and by they we mean the bankers such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America are preparing to roll over and capitulate their positions for massive SDR currency rewards. They will lose nothing and not only will they profit they will profit via a quantum leap in ownership of the money supply - this can ONLY be done via one route. That route relies upon the SDR becoming their illegitimate bastard offspring begat by The Very Devil itself.

The Central Banks


The Central Banks are private companies owned by the Top 300 Elite families. The SDR is their Rosemary's "baby" and they will profit the most - as if they did not already have enough. But for the insane, psychopathic, service to self bandits this is not about just getting more - it's about inflicting pain, distress and suffering on as many beings as they can.

Political Attacks


There is absolutely nothing that any politician, like Donald Trump, can do to stop the roll out of the IMF's SDR. This is because the bankers are controlling the system and are now preparing for the final phase of "Project Planet Lock-Down."

What is The WeRe Bank - ReSDR?


See the documents (Downloads) below for a fuller explanation as to how the ReSDR is the people's answer and solution to a very thorny problem which is building under their feet as we speak.



A FAQ page is being built out and will soon be ready for you. The questions you have are many, that we know, and it is impossible to answer them all on paper. Attend a meeting, attend a webinar, talk with others you know who have joined and all will become clearer by the day.

The Only Alternative - The ReSDR


The ReSDR - Cannot Be Faulted

WeRe Bank founded in 2011 has been the chief innovator for alternative, fair and transparent money solutions. The basis of all financial instruments and value is the "promise" from one man or woman to another to provide "goods or services." Other than that provision - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MONEY. WeRe Bank provides a Universal Energy Transfer by showing you that YOU not someone else, is the creator of value, worth and hence the money supply. 


The ReSDR - Better Than Gold?

The ReSDR is NOT money but energy transfer. The IMF SDR is nothing based upon nothing spun off the back of the fiat money supply which is nothing other than counterfeiting. This system has worked well for them for the past 80 years but is now past its "sell by" date and the World's Elite know this so must act now before they miss their window.



The only way to combat this menace is to use and embrace another monetary system which is 100% INDEPENDENT from any Central bank or political machinery on the planet. Only by walking away from their system can you VOTE it into non-existence. By using the ReSDR you have every advantage of the "old paper money" system and all the advantage of a secure, private, surveillance free ability to spend and travel with your "money" where ever you wish and when ever you wish.

Order Your ReSDR here!

March - April 2018 will see the introduction of the new money system from the IMF and World Bank. They aim to change the financial plumbing system, so to speak. They are planning to insist that you begin to use the SDR by proxy, and they are going to use a "problem-reaction-solution" paradigm to ensure that you do!  There is no other alternative on the planet to effectively combat their drive towards a totalitarian monopoly of the world's money supply cashless society) and the eradication of the US $ as the world's reserve currency and as a corollary, the eradication of paper money and coins in all form, replacing it with traceable digital currency. 


Well, that is until the ReSDR arrived! If you wish to use an alternative to that offered by the Mafia Money Masters, then the ReSDR is that alternative. 


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