Private & Discrete Lawful Monetary Payment Systems

The International Association of Private Bankers

Private & Discrete Lawful Monetary Payment Systems

What Is The IAPB?

The IAPB is an Unincorporated Association

The International Association of Private Bankers has been set up to provide a step change in the way people, people just like you, arrange, order and conduct their financial affairs. In this ever changing world the one thing that you can say is that very few people understand the nature of money and the cycle of debt creation. This is surprising in the fact that MONEY is the single most important resource which distresses you, both when you are getting it and more so when you are disposing of it! Our aim is to reveal to you the SECRETS and UNDISCLOSED INFORMATION and DIRECTION you need to take in order for your payments to be accepted lawfully by your PAYEE. This means we operate discreetly and that we are a closely knit group of people, human beings [not persons], who have come together to reinstate the law as it relates to banks and banking in all its forms. An association is a very powerful organisation as it allows you to enjoy the strength and protection of community members and to act as an individual private banker at the one and the same time.

We Are The Only International Association backed by The ICLCOROL 750181

There are private banking associations for sure - some incorporated and others not. However, The International Association of Private Bankers is the only organisation of its kind, to provide your pre-processed, negotiable financial instruments with the backing of the United Nations Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes, [New York 1988], The Secret Terms and Conditions contained in The Bretton Woods Financial Agreement (1944), as well as backing THE VALIDITY OF ALL ISSUED INSTRUMENTS via a "declaration of legitimacy" of all said instruments courtesy of the rulings & judgements of the "International Common Law Court of Record On Land 750181" by Grand Jury verdict - finding as to law and fact. 

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We Offer - Education, Support and Irrefutable Payment Methods

(Please Note! Everything that applies and is referenced here for the United States of America Corporate Citizen/Vassal, laws statutes at large and UCC and USC, is equally applicable to those individuals of the United Kingdom Corporation and The Commonwealth. All laws and regulations apply and are interchangeable)

As a member of the IAPB you are first of all looking to make a statement about (1) who you are and then (2) what you are. Both of these staements change your societal role and psoition vis a vis "money, debt, payments and trust obligations as well as sovereignty". You see, in the ever increasingly vicious world of finance, economics and debt, there has originated a "No man's land of ignorance" about what money is and what it is not whic very few people have the inclination, courage or will to walk through. We offer a map through the mine-field.

The Central Banks of the world do NOT deal with money nor do they deal in legal tender EXCEPT in its most illusory definition. Did you know that there are in fact 2 forms of Legal Tender. Dependent upon the one you use dictates the efficacy of the acceptance. We offer EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE and ACTION. We use valid financial instruments goverened by "private international" and "private commercial law" which is in part governed by the Uniform Commerical Code (UCC) United States Code (USC, The Hague Convention, The Promissory Notes Act 1704 and other conventions and treaties.


The Promissory Notes Act of 1704 officially established promissory notes as negotiable instruments. A promissory note is negotiable when it can be transferred to a third party by an endorsement, usually in the form of a signature of the recipient of the note. Because the banknote is a direct descendant of the promissory note, the act of 1704 furnished the legal prerequisites for the use of banknotes as a medium of exchange. For example, did you know wthat there used to be many private banks and even more private bankers, both in the UK, USA and Commonwealth? What happened to them and where did they go?

In part they were marginalized and in part bought-out, EITHER WAY the bottom line is that you can still be a "private banker" and you do NOT have to abide by any national law which forbids the issuing of "bank -notes" by you as a "private banker". The so called monopoly position is just a shake-down. Ignore it!

The Bank Charter Act 1844 - UK

(The Long Title being -  An Act to regulate the Issue of Bank Notes, and for giving to the Bank of England certain Privileges for a limited Period)

Until the mid-nineteenth century, commercial banks in Britain and Ireland were able to issue their own banknotes, and notes issued by provincial banking companies were commonly in circulation. Under the Bank Charter Act 1844, no bank other than the Bank of England could issue new banknotes, and issuing banks would have to withdraw their existing notes in the event of their being the subject of a takeover. At the same time, the Bank of England was restricted to issue new banknotes only if they were 100% backed by gold or up to £14 million in government debt. The Act served to restrict the supply of new notes reaching circulation, and gave the Bank of England an effective monopoly on the printing of new notes. The Act exempted demand deposits from the legal requirement of a 100-percent reserve which it did demand with respect to the issuance of paper money. This was the beginning of "money-madness!"

Bank Charter Act 1844

Why Should I Become a Private Banker?


A Better Question Might Be - Why Should You Not?

Private bankers status is primarily a state of mind. It is NOT we assure you based upon you having "money" or credit or wealth as commonly perceived.  Once you become a self-declared, self-appointed, registered "private banker," you will conduct yourself as one, issue your financial payments as one and communicate with all CREDITORS (so called) as one, and with a different air of authority, composure and healthy arrogance than you thought possible.


What if you could turn back the clock and take yourself to a place and time where you could pay your supposed debts and liabilities with the issuance of monetary instruments written by your own hand? Imagine a world where, in effect, everything had been pre-paid. Now, what if such a world existed and was fully functioning and all it took for you to access it and use it  was for you to make a statement to the effect that YOU HAD STEPPED INTO IT? You now decide what and who you are not the government or EDF or Telecom, the IRS or the HMRC. You decide that now, due to your education and maturity and new found vigour, that you have the ability and knowledge to pay for your entire election campaign now,as did President Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election run - with  a PROMISSORY NOTE ISSUED BY HIM, Donald j. Trump, AS A PRIVATE BANKER . That's right, the entire campaign was paid for with a "bankers note".

PUBLIC BANKERS v Private Bankers

Banking, like economic policy and education is in the hands of the very few. These very few would have you believe that you cannot be like them for if you could be like them, then surely you would be like them. They would have you believe that it is a Divine calling or Providence which has placed you here abiding in "nothing ever left at the end of the month land" and they there in "we have so much that couldn't spend it even if we tried land." Now it is possible to change sides. PUBLIC banks are just that - PUBLIC. They are setup to provide the necessary evils in our modernly decrepit  financially ruinous society to facilitate the "madness of the money merry-go-around" which is the fractional reserve banking legend of lack, loss and ruination.There is though another side - a side which the Elite cannot abolish or abandon or disparage as it is the very CORNERSTONE of their mirage of banking and financial transactional monopoly system. So what if, just what if you could JOIN it for a while? Would you want to?

The IAPB Can Show You How To Access The Private Side

Many of you are aware of the term "private banker". Most, rightfully clear their throats ready to spit, when they pronounce such a word. However, that's only because you have seen the power of their pens and NOTE issuance capability and seen yourself as excluded. That can change and you can change it here and now - today! You change it by informing, educating and then walking the walk as well as talking the talk of an International Private Banker accredited by the IAPB - with Certification, stationery, membership card and note issuance authority as well as legal back up! How does that sound now? better?

The Alternative ? - Stay as You Are!

There is always a choice and making no choice is a choice. If you lament your situation and would welcome being part of a group of human beings who are actively taking back the issuance of the money supply and redeeming their debts (so called) in the only way lawfully and legally allowed to them then you need to JOIN us today. We are lobbyists, we are a pressure group and we have your best interests at heart. We are there to show you that your autograph and your promise to pay is all the money there is left in this world. You as the surety and guarantor for EVERYTHING must logically have some say in matters. The reason you don't have much of a say is only because you have been convinced that you have no say - we help you to have your say.

There are very few opportunities these days for you to actually change the way that the CREDITORS (so called) VIEW you and interact with you. They view you as a fox looking at a chicken would view his next meal - and that's all you are! The risk is a bankners investment risk when you JOIN the IAPB - its either going to be a good investment, a poor one or one from which you gather experience for next time, either way THERE IS NO STANDING STILL ON A  TIGHT-ROPE. The name of the game is progress and we offer you that opportunity now.

"The Sell"

There are only certain ways that you can lawfully and legally pay off debts no matter which country's borders you currently reside within. Many of you, no doubt, have tried to pay CREDITORS (so called) with self-issued promissory notes or A4V (Acceptance for Value) presentments (under UCC) and other cheques and security instruments, all with varied success. What you MUST realise is that when you present these instruments as an "ordinary Joe/Josephine citizen, Ward of Court, insane, lunatic, child, pauper in care and custody of the Church, Parish and orphan", you are looked at, socio-ideologically speaking, as NOT HAVING MUCH OF A CLUE. Ergo, you fail to have the charge(s) set aside and the CREDITOR privateer corporation, [acting under its "Letters of Marque" issued by "The Crown Estate - Rome" to pillage you as an "enemy combatant in war zone territory" (even to the extent of taking the roof off your home to prevent re-entry)] simply goes after you in the Injustice System and - WINS! and WINS everytime. Why?

Enforcement - Acceptance - The Law

The IAPB has determined that it is no point in making promises about the efficacy of financial instruments and your capacity to pay off all DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE by the issuance of your own promissory notes if there is no back-up. Everyone knows that the Justice Systems are rigged, compromised and simply there to increase the pain involved and NOT to ameliorate things in the slightest. This is not opinion this is fact. This is not conspiracy theory BUT hard facts borne out and proven via access to the Esoteric knowledge which shows, categorically, that the World is run via Secret and Secretive Societies of which you, invariably are NOT a part of. The Regulatory Authorities are totally complicit in the scam, fraud and swindling in that they oversee the regime of theft and ensure there is a "seeming semblance of impartiality" - when in fact there is none! For example - THE GREAT MORTGAGE SWINDLE - in the UK over the past 30 years, has seen approximately 3 million homes being repossessed by the false and criminal High Street Banks' claims. Guess how many defendants have been exonerated or allowed to question the validity or inequity of the eviction and won? Not one - not one in 30 years and 3 million cases! You get better odds than that in Vegas. So where to go from here....

The International Association of Private Bankers will lean heavily on The International Common Law Court of Record on Land 750181, to allow you to be given validation judgements on the pre-processed International Promissory Notes (IPN) and other bank instruments which you issue as a "private banker". This is to ensure that CREDITORS (so called), bailiff organisations and credit agencies, understand the power and effectiveness of a duly convened Cour tof Record and a Grand Jury pronouncement on the validity of the payment methods you issue. It's time to say Enough of The Old - Let's bring in the new!

Discretion - Intelligence - Strength

The Only Authorised Issuer of ReSDR

The international Association of Private Bankers is the only organisation authorised to issue ReSDR to you. The ReSDR is the only alternative currency system to the IMF's Death Trap of money weaponization.

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